Some strange laws in China

If you like to travel then you are probably aware that you have to be very careful with your actions every time you set foot on a foreign land, because you know how every place has its own set of strange laws that may surprise you like, how it is punishable by death for someone to jump off a building in New York City; or like how it is against the law in France to sell ET dolls or any doll that doesn’t have a human face; or how it is against the law in Samoa to forget your wife’s birthday; or how it is illegal in Maryland to take a lion with you to the movies. I can go on and on and on but this article of strange laws is specifically about China.

So I suggest you read on before you go and fully engage on your plan to travel China especially if you’re planning to stay there for a while or for good. Here are some of the strangest laws in China:

  • To go to college you must be intelligent. – the law is pretty mean and subjective, but at what measure of intelligence, I really don’t know.
  • It is illegal to eat raw bacon if there is a full moon. – at what significance does each event have with each other, again, I really don’t know. Also, they can kill sharks for it fins and deep-fry a fish as it is still alive and sleep well at night, why is eating raw bacon punishable by law, and at a full moon? Strange.
  • It is unlawful for drivers that drive energy or power supplied vehicles to stop at pedestrian lanes or pedestrian crossings, it is punishable by law or you can be fined 5 Yuan. – explanation, I guess so they can strengthen the enforcement of people using bikes rather than cars.
  • According to the law, whenever you pass by anyone who is 70 years old or above, you must pause, bow to them and say a brief prayer for them to the Gods of the Ancients. – I guess it is a sign of paying high h respects to elders at the same time weird because wont it look like you are anticipating their demise, praying for them to the Ancient Gods like that?
  • It is punishable by law to stock more than a ton of explosives or fireworks in the cellar of your home. – so I guess its ok if you store 5 tons of explosives in your attic, just as long a you store 1 ton or less of it in your cellar. I don’t know what the significance is but I’m sure it has nothing to do with fire prevention.
  • Up to this day, binding a child’s feet to keep them from growing is now illegal.- weird that it was recommended, even mandatory before, but I think it is better now, because have you seen what happens to a child’s feet after undergoing a process of binding? Oh I’m telling you, you will kiss and hug your Golem footsies.

So there are some strange Chinese laws. You have been warned.

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